Masterclasses in Latin Jazz like no other!


For jazz violinists and violists, Omar's masterclasses introduce you to the exciting and technically challenging world of Latin Jazz. Participants also learn the importance of finding their own voice and unique ways to express who they are with the audience. 


Sharing his expertise from over 25 years of playing internationally as an award winning soloist with world class musicians and orchestras, participants will learn the technical skills and key elements of performing, technique and improvising which will astound your audience using 3 simple steps.


Creativity is at the heart of the masterclasses and participants learn how to build on musical ideas and use them to create amazing melodies which they can use in any piece.


Performance looks at how to engage, communicate and connect with the audience inviting them in to be part of an exciting musical journey.


Technique brings the elements of Latin and Cuban music fused with Jazz and (even a touch of classical) which will equip participants with the skills they need to bring everything together and create magic!



"Omar's masterclass series was amazing! I was lacking in confidence when it came to improvising and creating music live. After his class I was able to play not only confiently but using new musical ideas and techniques which elevated my playing, not just jazz but in my cadenza's also! Simply fantastic!" 

Guildhall Masterclass Student



Who is this for?


Masterclasses are for advance level students learning upper strings, or mixed groups and ensembles who are looking for an exciting new approach to playing, improvising and creating in their performance. 


The classes can be live (ideally) or online and can cater for 6-18 players.


Indivduals can also request 1:1 masterclasses and Omar is keen to support musicians from underrepresented backgrounds due to their race, socio-economic background or disability.


Please contact to discuss. 






Masterclasses start from £1000 depending on location. 





To discuss hosting a masterclass or series at your institute, organisation or students, email or call 07704 663881.