Current Projects


Omar Puente Sextet


I am currently performing mostly with my sextet, the most recent line-up includes:

Myself - Violin, Al MacSween - Keys, Flavio Correa - Bata Drums, Jimmy Martinez - Bass, Oscar Martinez - Congas, Fernando Depestre - Drums.

Please see the home page for upcoming shows and button below for a livestreamed gig of me and my sextet performing at Ronnie Scott's.


Classico Latino 




Previous projects & collaborations

Havana International Jazz Festival 2012

Work with up and coming young musicians in Havana to deliver a headline performance at the Teatro Bertholt Brecht for the 2012 Havana Jazz Festival. 


Tour of Brazil – 2012

This was a major project involving writing music which fuses Brazilian culture and Jazz in dialogue with Brazilian artists, and touring the Omar Puente Sextet. The set incorporated 'jazzed up' folk tunes and was really very well received by the crowds. Tracks will be represented on my next album "Best Foot Forward" 


Collaboration with two Brazilian artists - Gisbranco Piano Duet – July 2012

This was a concert at Kings Place, London, again blending Brazilian and Cuban Music. 


Warsaw Concert - 2011

A special performance of my sextet at the Old Town Jazz Festival. I rearranged traditional folk music of Poland  to incorporate  Jazz. This was a unique opportunity to explore new musical synergies. It was very well received by the Polish community.


Tour of Latvia, Estonia and Lithuania – April 2011

Wrote my own music and also re-arranged Folk Eastern European tunes with Jazz. This was the first time I worked in this area under my own name. The performances were very well received by the crowds. In Latvia, the Prime Minister attended my concert.


Royal National Ballet – Carlos Acosta - 2011

The concept was to commission different composers and choreographers from around the world to contribute to a Ballet performed in London at the Coliseum. I composed the piece called ‘Parallel Life’. This was a unique integration of Jazz, electronic sounds, classical music and human movement. The work was developed using an innovative fusion of tools such as the “Jam man loop station”, midi-electronic violin, computer sounds, real world sounds using laptop. 


Collaboration with the 2011 BBC World Tour Academy apprentice Hari Vrndavn Sivanesan - 2011 

The BBC invited me to collaborate with the identified youth talent from India to develop a fusion of Jazz and Indian classical music. Hari is a Veena player.

We both composed music for this project, which was performed at both the Purcell Room, and at the WOMAD Festival.


Venuzualan Simon Bolivar Orchestra in collaboration with Omar Puente - 2010

This was a collaboration between me and the "Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra. The Simon Bolivar Youth Orchestra is part of "Sistema de orquestas Juveniles de Venezuela" , and is world famous. The system is the way the Venuzaulan government develops the musical talent of young people. This is the system Cuba also uses. The conductor Gustavo Dudamel, is also well known in the classical music. My role was to compose, rehearse and conduct a large ensemble performance which sold out at the Royal Festival Hall in London. 


Collaboration with Nigel Kennedy – 2010

This was a concert of three violin players in a The 606 Jazz club in London. Nigel is a world famous Classical violinist, is also a keen Jazz Player. He invited, Chris Garrick another famous British Jazz violinist, and myself to perform three sets, comprising a range of our own compositions, and ‘jamming’ over a range of Jazz standards. 


Collaboration with Robert Mitchell and a Japanese bass player Tetsu Saitoh - 2010

This was special performance in Singapore. 


Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, London in Collaboration with UK's Leading jazz musicians - 2008

This was unique collaboration to bring the best of UKs classical and jazz music into a performance and recording. Robert Mitchell composed the performance and I was invited to be part of the project as Jazz violinist.


Collaboration with Dune Records on Martin Luther King Jr. 40thAnniversary - 2004 - 2009

Was involved in Denys Baptiste's international tour ‘Let Freedom Ring’, based on a brilliant composition commissioned to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Dr Martin Luther Kings inspirational ‘I Have A Dream’ speech.


Collaboration with John Williams , John Etheridge - 2008

This was a concert in London that had three world artists, John Williams, world famous classical guitar player, John Etheridge, a world famous Jazz guitarist, and myself. The idea was to blend three different styles of music into one. The purpose was to show that music has no boundaries.


Collaboration with Robert Mitchell - 2006 

Collaborated in 2006 on an album called Bridges, and toured with Robert Mitchell in North Africa and at the Cuban Jazz festival in Havana.  


Collaboration with Dennis Rollins - 2006

Worked with Dennis Rollins on a commissioned work for ensemble 360 culminating in a well-received performance at Doncaster Minster in February 2006. 


Collaboration with Jools Hollands on a disability project - 2002 

The “Drake Project” enables disabled people to play music at a performance level. I composed part of the music and used technology (sound beam). It was a unique and rewarding opportunity to develop accessible with many challenges. The ensemble performances were at major venues including the Millennium Dome. 



Other Collaborations 

Worked with many artists such as Claude Deppa, Steve Waterman, Rod Youngs, Jason Yarde, Cameron Pierre and Byron Wallen . This has helped develop my own sound, drawing together elements of Jazz, classical and Cuban music.....and many more........